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Programme, Camps & Activity Sign-up

We are currently moving to OSM. Once we have completed the move then all programme and camp/activity signup will be available via a personal login. The current programme is below.

Promise and Law

SMESU is not just a youth group. All our activities in Scouting are based on our shared values as a movement. As part of this we ask our members to make the Scout Promise. You can download our handy guide to our Values and Scout Promise by clicking here.


The Scout Association is a uniformed organisation. SMESU members are proud to wear our uniform and believe it brings us together as part of a unique, worldwide community of over 50 million Scouts making a positive impact in our communities.

Our Explorer Scout Uniform consists of:

- Explorer Scout Shirt

- Badges

- Modern Douglas Tartan SMESU Necker

(The Necker and badges will be supplied when you make your Scout Promise).

You can buy an Explorer Scout shirt online from Glasgow Scout Shop.

SMESU Hoodie

Our hoodie can be worn by members of SMESU. It is available in a variety of colours. Our newly rebranded hoodie will be available to purchase during registration and from our online shop in the near future.